Never doubt for one second that the internet doesn't get all wrapped up with the strangest things.

Today, the thing that's currently mystifying the internet is an apple sorter and how it's able to differentiate and knock out anything that isn't a red apple. Here's the .gif in question.

So, how does it do it? Magic?

It's a process known optical sorting, and it's so complex that it even has a highly detailed Wikipedia article that you can read about yourself. The cliffnotes are that it's highly common in the food industry, and can work using either cameras or lasers, or a combination of both, or in some cases with hyperspectral imaging - which is heat vision, essentially. The belt then activates when it sees something that doesn't match its profile and flicks it away into a chute and the rest make their way into another chute. 

Every day's a school day, folks.


Via Gfycat / Reddit