Talk about meta.

Here are some extreme Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fans reacting to The Hobbit cast reacting to the same fans reacting to watching the first trailer for the second Hobbit movie The Desolation of Smaug. Confused? We understand. Basically there was glee for everyone involved. We swear this isn't an Inception style thing (or is it?).

First up there was this video of these two fans freaking out over the trailer after its release on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, director Peter Jackson shared Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lily and Lee Pace's reaction to the video on his Facebook page, which is a delight to watch in itself.

Which of course made the two original fans almost shit themselves with glee and nerdgasmed all over Jackson's video, which they recorded and shared because that's what they seem to do with their lives.