Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel was a quirky, whimsical film, so to promote its release on DVD and Blu Ray they came up with an equally quirky stunt.

This model of the the titular hotel made from LEGO is a serious piece of work that was put together by Ryan Ziegelbauer, a LEGO guru of sorts, and it is made up of over 50,000 pieces.

It's not your bog-standard LEGO kit that you might buy in the shops though, as you can see some proper 3-D modelling going on behind the scenes, as well as the use of a little fancy LEGO hammer, which is some seriously specialised equipment. At over seven feet tall and weighing 150lbs, it's not the type of structure you'll be carting around too easily either.

Over these shores the DVD won't be out until July, however, but this is a nice reminder to check the movie out when it does hit shops next month.

Via Shortlist.com