Even Leonardo DiCaprio would admit that this man deserves an Oscar.

While we do love football for many, many reasons, one of them is not the terrible play-acting and diving that players feel the need to indulge in. As it turns out, in the German fifth division it's not just the players who dive, but the managers and sideline staff too, as evidenced by this amazing piece of footage captured in a match between Viktoria Kahl and Alemannia Haibach on the weekend. 

After a bit of a scuffle and a slight push to the upper chest, he takes a moment to consider his reaction, clutches his neck and then collapses to the ground, as if he'd been stabbed. Maybe he just got the sudden urge to choke himself out briefly for being so truly terrible? We can only hope that's the case.

He's the German Rivaldo...except we're guessing he wasn't quite as good in his playing days.  

Via Uproxx