E3, the world's biggest video games conference, has kicked into high gear with the much anticipated announcement of Fallout 4, and it looks fantastic.

This version of the game will take place in a post-nuclear Boston, but promises to feature more of what the universe looked like before the bombs fell.

You will be able to design your character, who can be male or female, and then take to the post-apocalyptic streets with your dog (I Am Legend-style), and it looks like there will be plenty of customisation, allowing players to craft weapons, armour and even shelter.

The game is set for release this November, and while there's probably still a bit of work to do, what we've seen so far is hugely impressive. 

There will also be an accompanying app called Fallout Shelter on iOS and Android, and according to what Bethesda have said, this game has been in development since 2009, so a lot of work has gone into it already.