We're not talking about James Corden rapping. We're talking about Adele SLAYING Nicki Minaj's Monster. Goosebumps. In fact, there's so many skin tingling moments that we feel quite emotional... if only James Corden would appear through the floor via a trap door to lighten the mood (that'll make more sense after you view the video). 

Topics include Adele's infatuation with The Spice Girls (specifically Geri - obvs), and how it led to her first heartbreak; how Adele is going to fit writing a musical into her very busy schedule, many stirring renditions of her back catalogue; dropping the A-bomb to get into certain restaurants; and a cunning/totally viable plan to make the Swift Squad sh*t themselves... especially now that Amy Schumer is hanging out with Ronda Rousey.

PS: if you're wondering why it's grey, it was shot in London while James was home on holliers. 

How's he gonna top that?!