There may not have been any dragons about but the stage was definitely on fire in the latest edition of James Corden’s Drop the Mic.

Samuel L Jackson was the most recent celeb to battle with the talk show host in a trade of insults, which consisted largely of Corden mocking Jackson’s career, who reciprocated by saying no one has even heard of Corden.

Jackson rapped: “I feel bad for you son, ‘cause I’m the real star. No one knows who are you are without Adele in a car… In the Emoji Movie I hear you just play a hand, so look, I’m going to put it in a way you can understand,” after which he rather brilliantly gave Corden the middle finger.

Corden responded with the quip: “Now you get torn apart, like I’m a velociraptor and this is Jurassic Park. You’re known for Pulp Fiction and other big hits, but 90 percent of your IMDB page is s**t.”

But Jackson was too much for him, who wrapped it all up saying: “You got your a** kicked by a man twice your age. Now get this motherf**king hack off this motherf**king stage!”