When student, Sarah, agreed to appear on the TV show Pointless alongside her friend Mariam she probably thought to herself, "Sure. What have I got to lose?"

It probably never crossed her mind that her friendship with Mariam could be the answer to that question. 

In case you're not aware of the show's format, Pointless sees contestants play in teams of two and they are tasked with finding the most obscure answers to general knowledge questions based on pre-conducted public surveys of 100 people in the UK. The fewer members of the public who guess your correct answer, the better. 

As Sarah explained on the show, she did Geography for her A-Levels so Mariam probably thought she'd be safe enough with questions in that area. Except she wasn't. She really, really wasn't. 

When the question of naming a country ending in two consonants came up, Sarah laughed nervously for a while before answering......well, just watch for yourself. 

Yes, she did say Paris. As in Paris, the capital city of France and definitely not a country, Paris. The despair on Mariam's face said it all. She literally didn't know where to look. 

Full marks to host Alexander Armstrong for not spending any time pointing out how silly that answer was.

We're sure Mariam did enough of that backstage.