Any opportunity to give Amy Schumer a mic for an extended period should always be embraced, especially when she's been swigging margaritas all night.

Schumer was already being honoured with the MVP Award at last night's Critics' Choice Awards so her taking of the award for Best Actress in a Comedy just added to the time Schumer had to spend in front of a mic, which was great for everyone because she wasn't keeping anything in.


She also managed to sneak some filth past the censors with the mute button while also taking shots at Florida and offering to do things to Lily Tomlin that Tomlin may not appreciate.


Special mention to Judd Apatow, who decided that in introducing Schumer for her MVP Award he was going to go all-in on Matt Damon's controversial Golden Globes win for The Martian in the Comedy category, which was a joke to be fair but wow is Apatow annoyed about it. Looks like the drinks were coming thick and fast to their table all night.

Via Vulture