We'd almost feel sorry for her. Almost. But also not at all.

YouTuber Nicole Arbour gained international notoriety last week when her 'Dear Fat People...' video went viral around the world before being taken down by YouTube amidst claims of fat-shaming from pretty much everyone. Arbour did herself no favours by regaling in her newfound infamy and refusing to apologise and yesterday appeared on US panel TV show 'The View' (think 'Loose Women' but with Whoopi Goldberg and Raven from 'That's So Raven') to defend herself.

As you can imagine, it was an extremely awkward affair, with Arbour flipping between claiming the whole thing was a joke and pushing herself and her 'satire' and her own 'brand' while everyone else on the panel has a go at her in different ways. It's painful. Mostly because Arbour seems completely ignorant to the issue and refuses to apologise.

She's still the worst.

Via Uproxx