Patron saint of storms and broadcasting Teresa Mannion is at it again.

It was the moment that launched a thousand memes and a stint on 'Dancing With The Stars' but just when you thought Teresa Mannion's internet fame was over, two of the biggest names in music and on social media, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg, gave her a shoutout that have brought her and her finest hour back into the mainstream.


😳does this mean I'm insensitive, if so why are you laughing. LOL 😆#50centralbet

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Stop in the name of love

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We're going to assume that neither know who Mannion is or what the origins of the viral video are (SHOUTOUT TO STORM DESMOND 2015) but are merely enjoying all the storm and weather related memes flying around the internet at the moment and that's why Teresa is having another moment, 21 months after her original broadcast won over the nation and the world.

And don't worry, she's delighted by it.

Dare we pray for a collab? We do. That Rihanna version deserves a live version at least.