You know, vampires and tennis, that whole connection there.

Ernests Gulbis can be forgiven for being a tiny bit confused during a press conference yesterday afternoon when he was asked a question that seemed a little bit out of the blue. 

The Latvian had just defeated Estonia's Jurgen Zopp and was probably expecting questions about his performance and how he was feeling, when a reporter piped up to ask him if he thought that they should get rid of vampires from the sport of tennis. He agreed, as you would, of course, when asked about Dracula and his mates trying to bring the game into disrepute.

As it turns out, he was being asked his opinion "of umpires", which does sound like vampires when it's said quickly. To be fair to him, he understood vampires on a metaphorical level in what is clearly his second language, and gave a coherent answer about it, which is more than we'd do if asked about the place that undead blood-sucking creatures should occupy in the sport of tennis.