We seriously want kids just so we can do this to them one day.

14-year-old Beth Bagley warned her parents ahead of her school dance that she did NOT want them showing up and embarrassing her, so naturally they decided to do just that.

The pair went in just ten minutes before the end, not because they thought she would be doing anything wrong, they told Buzzfeed, but just to catch her "kind of unleashed".

She unleashed alright... watch her reaction below.

Turns out though, Beth took it pretty well with her dad explaining that his daughter is a bit of prankster herself and that it was "right in line with her sense of humour".

"She wasn’t mad, she was just really, really playing it up,” he added.

“We knew she would create a bit of scene because that’s her sense of humor, but we didn’t expect her to do what she did."

Bravo Beth, bravo.