It’s happened, the video to finally divide gaming generations has landed.

If you’ve no idea what the Nintendo Power Glove is, stay here with me. Otherwise, take your place in that corner over there and mess around with your two button controllers, and please, try to be quiet.

This glove was a controller, and used motion sensor technology, like the Wii on Kinect, to let you play the games by swinging your hand about like a loon. Well, as it turns out it didn’t really work, was way too expensive, and ended up being a huge failure. If I know my pop culture, and I think I do, that means this thing is  a hipster’s wet dream, so if you find one in the attic, get Ebaying.

Now that we’re all on the same page let’s look at some kids being thoroughly disappointed, and equally frustrated with this thing.

*Warning: Contains hilarious 80’s gaming advertisements*

And here I was thinking that the N-Gage was crap.