A great story of sportsmanship has ended in both runners being disqualified from the race, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming a viral sensation. 

A high school track meet in Green Bay, Wisconsin was home to a fantastic act of sportsmanship when a girl named Teagan Monfee helped another runner who was struggling to get over the finish line. 

They were in the home stretch when the other girl simply couldn't make it any further and Teagan did the sporting thing and reached out to help her. However, it wasn't the right thing to do, at least not according to the rules, which meant that both of them ended up being disqualified as you can't help another runner. Needless to say, her coach didn't care too much, and called it "a proud moment". 

The footage of the run starts about the 1:02 mark if you want to skip ahead, but at the end there's also some footage of new tiger cubs too, and they're super cute. Just a bonus, like.