Who knew that musical theatre was the go-to drunk song catalogue of choice for the Swedes?

Three-time world champions, the Stockholm Men’s Synchronized Swimming Team know how to move in the water but can they show the same skill after several scoops? That's the question that the 'Don't Drink and Dive' campaign in Sweden asked to raise awareness of the fact that more people drowned in Sweden in 2014 than in any other year in the last decade and in July, Swedish water-related accidents cost more lives than road traffic accidents. Most of the drowning victims were men and the majority had consumed alcohol.

So, with the supervision of lifeguards, a rescue diver and medical professionals, they got the team stinking drunk and then asked them to perform one of their routines. As you can imagine, it wasn't exactly a screaming success and really proves that you should never, ever go in the water drunk.

Via Metro