When Kim Jong-Un is not busy getting slagged off by Hollywood movies, he spends his free time learning to fly, apparently. 

The North Korean leader has had a pretty busy time of it lately after the movie The Interview made headlines for portraying his assassination, and all the kerfuffle (that's probably the most apt word, right?) that followed, but he took some time over the holiday season to get in a quick flying lesson. 

We probably all wish that we could just get up and hop in a plane to spend a few hours away from the family over the holidays, and Kim appears to be at least partially flying the plane through take-off and landing, although it is clear he is getting some help from his co-pilot in that regard.

The video was posted just shortly after his New Year's speech (the big holiday at this time of year in the country, given that they don't celebrate Christmas) according to Mashable, in which he stated that he would be open to talks with South Korea in 2015 if the "mood" was right. 

Via Mashable