Part of being a high school footballer in the US is the opportunity to get yourself noticed by a college, and hopefully get a bit of money off your tuition fees so that your third-level education doesn't saddle you with the debt of a small nation. 

One way you can do that is by cutting yourself together a professional-looking highlight video showcasing your best moments on the field, and hope that it gets your foot in the door somewhere. Towering at 5'11" and weighing in at 145lbs, Jack Lenihan was hoping that colleges would sit up and take notice of this video that he put together, except for the fact that as a perennial benchwarmer, "The Lenihan Factor" (as he is known to absolutely no one) didn't have much footage to choose from. 

Still, he highlights himself on all the important plays (for which he's on the sideline) and he does manage to get on the field once in the video. The only slight problem on that occasion is, despite being thrown to by the quarterback, he drops the pass rather poorly under absolutely no pressure. 

Get this kid a scholarship, now. 

Via SB Nation