A bunch of students who felt that their snack packets contained more air than crisps decided to prove their point by making a working boat out of them. 

If you've ever cracked open a packet of crisps to discover that you were merely getting a few aul crumbs down the bottom of the bag, then you'll understand how this group of students in South Korea felt when they wanted to come up with a way to let the company who make their favourite snacks know that they weren't happy. 

From their point of view, they felt that the packaging was wasteful, and the three students, Yoo Seong-ho, Park Hyun-soo, and Jang Seong-taek decided to do something about it. They told The Hankyoreh, a local paper that they got the idea for the boat when they "saw a picture of someone floating in a swimming pool by holding on to a snack bag”, and thought they could do something similar on a bigger scale. 

After making a two-metre long vessel out of a whole load of the crisp packets, they managed to get two of the lads on to it to cross the river Han, which is a distance of about 1.5km. The ship proved to be more than seaworthy (or at least riverworthy) and given the fact that this stunt has gotten plenty of coverage and gone viral, here's hoping they might get their wish from the companies who make the snacks to reconsider the packaging and the portions. 

Via BuzzFeed