Streaking on a sports ground is a lot like trying to pick up a super model at a bar: your friends don't think you should do it, you're probably going to be laughed at by everyone, but the potential reward is so high you just think, "f*ck it, I'll whip off my pants and make a run for it." Just like this guy.

He ended up being carted away by angry security men which is, worryingly, exactly how I imagine the super model pick up attempt would end.

I myself never understood the desire to run wild and free in public in just my underwear. In fact, it sounds awfully familiar to a terrible recurring dream I have from time to time.

Apparently he made it to second base while still in his tighty-whities which seems like an oxymoron. Nevertheless, he's made it on to Youtube and, let's face it, that's the pinnacle of achievement if you like to run around half naked in public.