To the surprise of absolutely nobody whatsoever, Donald Trump's first 100 days haven't gone well.

In fact, Donald Trump now has the worst approval ratings of a US President in modern history within the first 100 days in office and, so far, he's enacted absolutely none of his campaign promises. As Louis CK so eloquently put, he's just "a lying sack of sh*t" and now, everyone is starting to notice that fact.

As the 100 days deadline looms, it's clear that Trump hasn't a hope of getting any of his 100 day promises done and that's just great fodder for late night hosts. In an 11-minute monologue, Stephen Colbert skewered the Grand High Cheeto's failures and reminisced on a time when the leader of the free world wasn't a fat, inept hustler with patchy spray tan and bad hair.

It's pretty incredible stuff. Take a look.


Via YouTube