In the space of a few short years, Chris Pratt transformed himself from sitcom support player to bona fide movie star. 

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the turning point was for Pratt in his career but one event that certainly generated a lot of buzz around the star was when he shared the below image to document his incredible weight loss ahead of his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

The image quickly went viral and Pratt's name was soon on everyone's lips.

Flashforward several years though and there's an increasing school of thought that actually, Chris Pratt was more attractive with the weight. Something which Late Night host Stephen Colbert agrees with. Pratt and Colbert once starred together in an independent movie called Stranger With Candy and Colbert didn't hear anything about Pratt until he saw him in Parks and Recreation years later. 

Now that Pratt has become a ripped movie star, Colbert laments the loss of "fat Pratt" and apparently he's not the only one. 

You heard it hear first folks, "fat Pratt" could yet make a triumphant return.