US TV host Stephen Colbert is 'genuinely freaked out about Brexit'. Echoing what so many of us are thinking, Colbert can't quite wrap his head around the fact that the majority of Britons voted to leave the EU.

He's as dumbfounded as we are but, of course, his delivery guarantees lots of laugh out loud moments too.

"It just sort of proves that people over there aren't really that smart, it's just the accent that makes them seem smart."

"You idiots", he continues.

"Right now the most stable currency in the UK is the Cadbury's Cream Egg."

At some points, Colbert is at a loss for words, but natural showman that he is, he keeps the zingers coming at a steady pace.

We feel much the same, and are still asking ourselves "Is this real life?" David after the dentist is all of us right now.