Steph Curry has been a dominant force in the NBA this season, taking the Golden State Warriors to the dizzy heights of the final four in the playoffs for the first time in decades, but a nasty fall last night had fans and team-mates alike worrying about his health. 

Curry was jumping up top block Trevor Ariza of the Rockets who ducked out of the way, accidentally upending Curry and sending him head over heels to the floor. The resulting fall doesn't make for pleasant watching.

Curry did spend a long time prone on the ground as he was being examined, and was taken to the back for X-Rays to make sure that he hadn't suffered anything particularly nasty during the fall. He was able to return to the game later, despite the dramatic nature of the fall so thankfully everything seems to be ok, although he did suffer a slight contusion and probably has a sore head this morning. 

Via SB Nation