Nobody likes a heckler - especially one that really, REALLY doesn't get it.

It's annoying for just about everyone concerned, it's rarely funny and if you're trying to enjoy a show, it's pretty damn annoying. This story, however, takes a bit of context.

Rade Zone, the heckler in question, is a notorious heckler / troll in the Las Vegas area. He's also a comedian, but apparently, he's not all that well-known outside of Las Vegas or, indeed, the venue in question.

As you'll see in the video, Rade - he's the guy with the tin foil hat - is shouting at the MC who's trying to move the show along. As you'd expect, Mr. Tin Foil Hat isn't playing nice and being a bit of an ass.

After some loud shouting (and very bad editing in the video), Rade makes a run towards the stage in a somewhat threatening manner. The MC, who repeatedly asked him to sit down and to stop physically pushing him, lunged forward with a straight kick to the gut.

Rade, as you'd expect, was knocked straight to the floor. So, was he right to get a belt in the chest? Hard to say. We're firm believers in the ancient philosophy of Talk Shit, Get Hit. However, there's more to it here. The guy's clearly got some sort of mental issues and it didn't look like he was much of a threat to the much younger guy.

Plus, that guy didn't need to kick him full-force. He could have easily done something less aggressive. Maybe he was frustrated? It's easy to see why, in fairness. We're not condoning violence, mind, but we get how annoying it can be.

Shout-out to the guy at the end who says, "Now THAT's funny..."


Via YouTube