Let's set the scene for everyone. CNBC's SquawkBox is a financial news programme that's very serious and has some of the finest minds in business coming together to talk mergers, money stuff and so on.

IDA's chief Martin Shanahan was on the programme to bang the drum for Irish business and do all the things that those airports ads with the guy from Amber is talking about. Kinda boring stuff, but, y'know, necessary.

Anyways, so Martin Shanahan is on with these pundits type and they're talking about golfers and figures when one of the pundits mentions, in an almost off-hand way, that Ireland uses the Pound.

Shanahan politely corrects him, but this dumbass isn't taking the correction. Watch what happens and see how long before you have a rage aneurysm.

 Go about 7.30 or so in to hear the pundit spout the nonsense

So, let's recap - Ireland = Euro. Country on its own. Scotland = Pound. Country on its own.

Good job, CNBC. Way to go with your research.