Grand Theft Auto V's modding community consistently outdoes itself and this time, they've really done something incredible.

One of the biggest complaints surrounding 2014's Watch_Dogs was how the game felt too linear and didn't feel as worldly as, say, Grand Theft Auto V. That's all changed, thanks to this new modification for GTA V on the PC. Using a ton of scripts, they've managed to put Watch_Dogs' protagonist, Aiden Pierce, into the middle of Grand Theft Auto V - complete with his smartphone and everything.

You can even Remote Control any of the cars and hack the traffic lights as and when you need to, just like in Watch_Dogs.

Of course, this is a PC mod - so don't expect to see this anywhere near a console any time soon, but it does show us how interesting the two games combined is and how features from both brilliantly complement one another.

Here's a little snifter of the game in action.

If you happen to have a PC and you're pretty sure you can sort out how to input a mod into your copy of GTA V, here's the link to download and the system requirements for it:

- i7 4770 3.4 GHz
- Zotac GTX 760 4Gb
- 8 Gb DDR3 1300 MHz
- Windows 7 Ultimate x64
- OCZ 600 watts
- Benq XL2420Z 144Hz


Via YouTube