There have been plenty of Suarez jokes already, but it's going to be hard to top this one. 

In case you've some how missed the news, Luis Suárez once again bit another player (for the third time) during the week, and has been hit with a pretty big ban as a result. There have been loads and loads of photoshops, gags and all sorts floating around Twitter, but the bar has been set very high indeed by this effort.

Using some brilliant video editing skills, the folks at The Poke have put together an amazing parody trailer for Suárez of the Lambs, which really is the best of the jokes that we've seen so far about what is quickly becoming known as 'Bitegate 3: The Bitening'. That might not be true, but if people start calling it that, you know where you heard it first.

Alright, so it's still a bit rough around the edges, but with Suárez having a few months off now, we reckon they should at least send a script his way as he'll be looking for something to do. 

Via Mashable