He's a man on a mission...a mission to build the world's largest fart machine and make a lot of noise across the water.

Colin Furze is a plumber-turned-inventor who has come up with a pretty outlandish idea: to make the world's biggest fart machine. Of course, he's not just going to make it, he's also going to let rip with the business end pointed at France. 

On July 24th, Furze tends to put the machine into action, and from a position on the cliffs of Dover, he hopes to expose France to the noise of one giant fart using a valveless pulsejet, and see if they can hear it across the English Channel.

This is not Furze's first invention either, you might recognise him from his other videos where we've seen him making steel claws or walking on the ceiling in magnet shoes, you know, the usual stuff people do in their garage alone at night.

While the video shows the pulsejet in action, he hasn't yet built the housing for it, which will take the shape of a giant bum, of course. That bit will all be revealed at the big show, if you fancy booking a last minute trip for the once in a lifetime experience of hearing the loudest fart ever.

We can only presume the conversation which arose about who the first victims of the fart machine should be went a little something like this:

Via The Verge