Isaac Caldiero now holds the title of the first ever 'American Ninja Warrior' and is also now $1 million richer. We're not sure which one he'll cherish more (probably the cash).

After seven seasons an 'American Ninja Warrior' champ was crowned last night in the finale show, which saw not one but two competitors make it through the show's third and fourth stages for the first time in history. Geoff Britten was the first to complete the entire course, including the eight-storey 30-second rope climb dubbed 'Mt. Midoriyama', but was pipped to the post and the $1m prize fund by Isaac Caldiero after Caldiero beat his time by 3.6 seconds.

Watch below as Caldiero makes absolute mincemeat of the final two stages of the competition and feel completely inept and incapable of doing anything remotely athletic for the rest of your life.

Via Twitter/Variety