You've got to love the Internet, right?

YouTuber APintTurtle went out and did all Irish boys and girls a total solid and uploaded the 1991 Christmas special, Must Go To Moscow, with Zig, Zag and Ray D'Arcy.

Let's not forget, this was 1991 - the Berlin Wall fell not two years ago and Russia was just now opening up to Western influences.

We also see Zig and Zag making some serious political jibes at Russia, especially the whole bit at the start at Red Square.

Calling the Kremlin Gremlins? They'd never get away with that today.

And check out Ray D'Arcy not having grey / white hair, too. Just think - there's people alive who are legally allowed drive that don't remember Ray D'Arcy having brown hair.

They've probably never even heard of the Den, for that matter.

That's crazy.

So, anyway, here's Den's Must Go To Moscow - in full, over three videos.