Let's see how many Sonic puns we can fit into this feature? Ready? Go.

Marathon runner Emlyn Lewis had a Mega Drive during the Dublin City Marathon when he decided to turn up to the event as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Lewis ran the 26 miles around Dublin City Zone, encountering no golden rings or Chaos Emeralds (that we know of) and managed to make a respectable time of 3 hours, 49 minutes.

We're guessing he picked up the Speed Powerup at O'Connell Bridge that you have to double-jump on to get at.

Lewis' previous video of him chasing the Luas went viral on Tumblr and - not only that - he's the Super Mario Busker you sometimes see around Dublin.

Also, if this didn't play when he passed the finish line, they missed out. Or even had the ring-clinky sound with the cash register. Anything would have worked.


Here's a video he made of his exploits. Check out the red runners, too.