A soldier whose life was saved in combat by his dog has adopted his rescuer and brought her home. 

Layka is a special dog, there's no doubting that, and there's absolutely no convincing Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald any different. For him, Layka is the reason he's still alive, as while serving in Afghanistan, she was shot four times by an enemy at point blank range, who had been waiting to ambush the squad of soldiers. 

Despite her injuries, she continued to attack the shooter and stopped him, allowing McDonald and the rest of the crew to survive. In recognition of her amazing act of bravery, he took her home and adopted her, after she had undergone hours of surgery and had a leg amputated in an effort to save her life.

The June issue of National Geographic features Layka as a cover star, and has an article about how these dogs of war do heroic deeds on a daily basis, but receive no official recognition as no decoration or medal exists for military working dogs.

Via Carbonated.TV