It is possible; she's even funnier than Gloria. Behold the joy that is Sofia Vergara in not one, not two, but three snippets from Jimmy Kimmel Live which are rammed with quips, giggles and the SHINIEST hair imaginable.

In the first video, Sofia discusses obtaining her US citizenship, which involved getting all of her 100 questions correct, followed by "the, um, the swearing of the thiiiiiiiing." The second clip sees her get a photo with a cardboard cutout of Sophia Loren - who she's always been "attracted to", while in the third Vergara discusses how Latin Americans end most occasions. 

You're all now wondering what her 22-year-old son, Manolo, looks now, aren't you... Well, here's a photo from 2 years ago. Indeed there is a bang of the Benicio del Toro's off him.