Congratulations, bathrooms are now ruined for you. Good luck trying to go in the next few hours.

A five foot boa constrictor crawled out of a toilet in a PR firm in San Diego on Tuesday after one employee trying to plunge the toilet clear after it appeared to be clogged. Which it was. With a snake.

Not fully realising what was going on until she 'saw the tongue flicker' (although what else could have been happening in fairness), Stephanie Lasca then fled the bathroom and called Animal Control, who found the 'grouchy' and underweight snake curled up behind the toilet when they arrived. How did they know it was grouchy? Oh because it bit one of them.

Can you imagine explained that to your other half when you got home?

"How was your day honey?"

"Oh fine, a few stray dogs, got bit by a toilet snake, you know, the usual."

Thank God for St. Patrick and his snake charming ways, otherwise we don't think we'd be able to visit the bathroom ever again.

Via LA Times