He's been in a bit of bother after THAT interview with Robert Downey, Jr., but Krishnan Guru-Murthy's still working away.

In an upcoming episode of Unreported World, he captured this particularly emotional moment.

Siv Hong and Bo, two sisters who lived through the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, were separated over 40 years ago from both themselves and their mother

Since then, both of them have been desperately trying to reconnect with one another.

With the help of a research team from a South-East Asian TV broadcaster, they were reunited on the hit television show, It's Not A Dream.

The reality show, which reunites families separated by war or circumstance, has become a massive hit in the region and receives over 1,000 applicants every month.

You might think it's exploitative and saccharine, but you've got to admit that it really is something to see people reunited.

Take a look.