We've seen sports stars take on the odd acting role in the past. Terry Crews, The Rock, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Rodman, and Eric Cantona have all had success on the big screen in the recent past, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise when this generation of sports star test themselves out in front of the camera.

Having said that, if we were forced to predict a rugby player to transition onto the big screen, Simon Zebo probably wouldn't have been too high up on the list. But, that's exactly what the Munster and Ireland winger has done, as he took on the role of Bruce Willis' John McClane in this Elvery's Die Hard spoof.

We're not going to sit here and tell you that it's great, just like we're not going to tell you that it's particularly decent. What we will say, is that it's certainly a video of Simon Zebo pretending to be Bruce Willis, as he tries to stop a bunch of villains from stealing Ireland's rugby jerseys before the World Cup. We weren't expecting Citizen Kane, and we definitely didn't get it, but it is a bit of a laugh. 

Next we want to see Paul O'Connell as 007 in Live And Let Try, or Robbie Henshaw in A Million Ways To Try In The West. This could go on forever, so we'll leave it there.