To be pedantic, it's technically a monochrome version but that inferred that this jovial performance lacks colour, which it certainly doesn't. Between Sia's vocals and Natalie's continuous fervent looks to camera (forever the professional; she knows that nobody else is engaging on an eyeball level with the viewing audience), and being transported back to 1988 via the Rain Main soundtrack, this is a little bubble of joy for you this morning. Turn it up. 


If you're finding it difficult to keep up with all the instruments, here's a breakdown for you: 
Sia - vocals
Jimmy - spoons
Natalie - blocks
Questlove - kick drum, wood block
Kamal - conga drums
Frank Knuckles - plastic paint bucket
Mark Kelley - cups
Tuba Gooding Jr. - guiro
James Poyser - deck of cards
Captain Kirk - cue ball & 8 ball
Black Thought - maracas

If you just clicked on this post because of the name 'Natalie Portman', her interview will be posted to Fallon's Youtube page shortly. We hope. We'll keep looking.