Shia LaBeouf was filmed screaming into the face of a 'white supremacist' at Manhattan's Museum of the Moving Image.

The actor has set up a performance art piece there which consists of a livestreamed protest which he intends on making last for four years. The incident in question occurred just two days into the protest.

Last Sunday, while LaBeouf and several other individuals were chanting 'he will not divide us,' a young man said directly into the camera: 'We must secure the existence of white people.'

The actor began screaming ‘He will not divide us’ into the man’s face until he was forced to back down.

Reportedly, there was also an incident on Saturday where LaBeouf tried to punch a man who was running up to the camera with a 'Pepe 2020' sign. Early Monday, a visitor stood in the font of the camera saying: 'Hitler did nothing wrong'. However it is being reported that some or even all three of these people could be working with LaBeouf rather than trolling him.

The protest is gaining ever more momentum in any case.

Here is the encounter with the alleged ‘white supremacist’: