Whether it's watching his own movies for three days straight, taking calls from strangers or hitchhiking across the country, it's safe to say Shia LaBeouf likes to experiment.

LaBeouf was on Kimmel last night promoting his latest film 'Man Down' when conversation turned to his myriad art projects that one would definitely call out of the ordinary, but to hear him speak about them it actually doesn't sound like they were that much of a big deal.

At least, not to him.

And when it comes to getting married, out of the ordinary was also on the table, with LaBeouf marrying his girlfriend Mia Goth in Las Vegas and the live stream ended up being watched all over the world thanks to TMZ.

Which would have been fine except the bride's father didn't know about it until he was watching it on the stream too, resulting in LaBeouf and Goth's father having "a talk".