Earlier this week, a video of a cop playing basketball with some kids in Gainesville, Georgia, went viral in a matter of hours.

The police officer, Bobby White, was called to a noise complaint that said some kids were playing basketball on the road. As you can expect, Officer White had no problem - who would, really? - with the kids and decided to have a little fun.

Caught from the on-board camera of his car, White had a quick game of basketball with the kids before heading off on his way. However, White said he'd return with some backup for a rematch.

Sure enough, he got some backup - in the form of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. The 7'1, four-time NBA Champion arrived at Gainesville Police Department and asked for Officer White.

Pretty soon, he and White were on their way to the same street for a rematch.

Take a look.


Via YouTube