James Franco and Seth Rogen decided that, to promote their new movie, they'd head off in to the woods in the nip.

Discovery Channel have a pretty unique set-up for a reality show, where they send two people in to the wilderness for an extended period of time without clothing or supplies and they have to find a way to survive. That can obviously make things a bit awkward, what with the nudity angle, but it surely makes for some interesting TV.

In a special edition of the Naked and Afraid show, Hollywood stars Seth Rogen and James Franco were paired together to make it through the rough terrain, and to promote their latest movie The Interview, which is released in December in the US. Rogen was a little bit disappointed however, saying "I was hoping to be teamed up with a woman, but I guess Franco's the next best thing". The clip starts about 1:30 in, but you can watch the whole thing if you want to see them discuss Kim Kardashian's arse...

That show is pretty much guaranteed laughs.

Via The Hollywood Reporter