Seth Myers' commentary on Donald Trump's activities since becoming President elect has become essential viewing of late and last night was no different as the Late Night host examined how Trump has used his feud with the cast of Hamilton to distract people from his foreign business ties and conflicts of interest. 

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to vent his dissatisfaction with the cast of hit Broadway musical. Hamilton, for their address to Vice President elect Mike Pence who was in the audience for Friday night's performance. 

However Myers is of the opinion that the much publicised feud is merely a way for Trump to distract the media from asking the tough questions about his business conflicts of interest. In particular that of the Trump University lawsuit settlement, which Trumped bragged about settling even though he's sure he would have ultimately won if they'd gone to court.

It was on this point that Myers used our own Conor McGregor in analogy to illustrate just how farcical it was for Trump to be bragging about the settlement. 

It just goes to show how mainstream both Conor McGregor and the UFC have become when they're casually referenced by Late Show hosts who up until recently would have been using boxers like Floyd Mayweather for such comparisons.