At this point, many celebrities have appeared on hit animated comedy Family Guy to play parodies of themselves because if they don’t, they’ll inevitably be parodied by its creator/star Seth MacFarlane anyway.

MacFarlane recently appeared on American talk show Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, during which a fan question came in asking if there had been any celebrity who had been parodied on the series and didn’t take it well.

“Adrien Brody,” he answered. “He didn’t take it all that well. I walked up to him at a party, because I’d just seen Splice and I thought it was awesome. I told him I really liked Splice and hoped there were no hard feelings and essentially the upshot was ‘Well, there are. There are some hard feelings.’”


Could this have been the joke he was referring to? Probably…


Seth MacFarlane also played ‘Plead the Fifth’ while on the talk show, revealing that he drank to maintain a ‘buzz’ while hosting the Oscars, that the rumour about Christina Aguilera falling into a Christmas tree from being too drunk at a party of his was not true, and that he and Charlize Theron are just friends.