Warning to all sports journalists, Serena Williams does not respond kindly to criticism. 

World No. 2 Serena defeated Lucie Safarova at the Australian Open after a tough match and was not in the mood to entertain criticism from a reporter who labelled her performance "scrappy" at the post match press conference. 

"Oh I think that's a very negative thing to say," Williams responded. "Are you serious?"

"Just my observation," the unnamed journalist replied.

"Oh okay, well you should've been out there. That wasn't very kind. You should apologise. Do you want to apologise?" Williams asked. Like a shamed schoolboy, the reporter apologised. 

The journalist's assessment of Williams' performance being scrappy probably came from the fact that she clocked up 23 unforced errors during the contest. However Williams talked up her opponent's ability in explanation for the errors. 

"She's a former top 10 player. Last time we played was in the finals of Grand Slam. You know, it's not an easy match ... you have to go for more, which obviously makes a few more errors," she said.

Via Mashable