Halloween is long gone so it's kind've OK to start considering Christmas - especially if you don't enjoy getting elbowed around the shops in December and are opting instead to order online...

Luckily for you (assuming you have several grand at your disposal), Gwynnie has released her Goop Annual Holiday Gift Guide. Yaaaaaay. It's, like, totally attainable. Some choice items include a gold juicer worth $4,739; a diamond Thickie Esque vase worth $12,000, St. Louis Scully & Scully crystal glasses that cost $495 (that's for just for one glass, not a set); $1,995 for ONE Anita Ko safety pin earring (again, just the one earring, why would you need two), a $7,600 Cartier bracelet; a $1,500 Hermes Avalon blanket; and a Harry Winston diamond ring that doesn't have a price tag because presumably there wasn't enough room to put in the amount. 

In the nature of fairness, Gwynnie does also include plenty of items under a $100, like a blue salt bowl for $18, a $30 Furby; a child's onesie for $98 (it's not like they're going to grow out of it or anything); a $10 friendship bracelet kit, and where would you be without a $19 accordion.

You could go down the accordion route (imagine how popular you'd be?!!), or you could fork out just a few sheckles more for a wooden emoji lovingly crafted by the man hands of Nick Offerman. I know what I'd go for. 

Via Us Magazine/Youtube