"We're here waiting for the green light and ohhhhh..."

We wouldn't have pegged Hugh Jackman as a Mario Kart fan but it's nice to see that the love for one of Nintendo's finest creations can even turn the A-list into hyper kids.

Jackman is currently in Japan promoting the release of 'Logan' on Blu-ray and DVD (and we suspect mostly for the excuse of a holiday) and it's safe to say he's having a great time if his Twitter feed is anything to go by.

And of all his updates, this one from inside his car while waiting at traffic lights might be the best one.

"We're in Tokyo, waiting for the green light and who's gonna.... Oh! It's Mario Kart!" Jackman says in the video belo. "Princess Peach! They're all there."

And in case you're wondering, yes, this is a regular thing.