Spicer's appearance may have gone down well in the theatre and on camera but there was outrage online as Colbert wheeled out Trump's former Press Secretary for a joke at the president's expense.

Stephen Colbert's opening monologue at last night's Emmy Awards was filled with plenty of jabs at Donald Trump but there was both shock and awe in the audience when Sean Spicer came out to deliver a one-liner that took the piss out of both his former employer and himself.

Spicer came on in response to Colbert asking if anyone could really know how big the Emmy viewing audience actually was, wheeling out a podium in true Melissa McCarthy SNL fashion andsaying: "This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys. Period. Both in person, and around the world."

Reaction in the room was mixed but online people were quick to point out how bad a choice it was.