Broaching subjects like Donald Trump’s tweeting, the Inauguration crowd size, fake news, Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of him, Anthony Scaramucci and more, Jimmy Kimmel was making sure he got his money's worth from Sean Spicer's visit to his show.

The former White House Press Secretary and as acting White House Communications Director for Trump sat down with Kimmel in his first interview since leaving the White House last night and he was in full Spicey form, revealing that he didn't think Anthony Scaramucci was fit to be Press Secretary, blaming the media for not checking facts and coming out with more "fake news" BS,  and putting blame pretty much everywhere else.

Kimmel, for his part, did not give him an easy ride, basically calling him "childish" at one point.

Spicer also revealed what he thinks of Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him on SNL and while he says he thought it "was kinda funny", you can also see how it breaks him a little inside and even he realises the delicious irony in him getting in trouble for it and her winning an Emmy.

All in all, it's a fascinating look at a man who was despised while having one of the most public jobs in the world.