Sean Penn has been quiet for the last while but he’s on the road now promoting his new book, the surreally titled ‘Bob Honey Whop Just Do Stuff’.

Just as surreal was his recent interview on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert, where he talked about having just taken an Ambien and lights up a smoke not once but twice (even after being asked by Colbert to not smoke).

The Oscar winning actor got a bit existential as he talked about getting older and not being as interested in acting as he doesn’t play well with others. He also began talking about Netflix paying off settlements before stopping himself.

Colbert remarked how Penn is generally chill in their interviews but even he seemed a bit confounded with how to react to Penn.


In the second half of the interview, Penn seemed to be taking the segment a little more seriously as he talked about the message behind his new book. He left the interview on a positive note, agreeing with Colbert that the youth of today “give him hope.”